Teen Pregnancy is a very huge issue among teens today because they are so poorly informed about sex and all its consequences so below are some links about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it, as well as STD's, but in the case that you are pregnant or have an STD you are not alone we will have numbers and links to people that will be available to talk to you and help you through it. STD's are becoming a huge issue with teens this day in age because they are often time underestimated because of the fact that so many of these diseases are curable. The things your friends don't tell you are that some of these STD's can cause massive damage to you without you even knowing it. So if you think your partner is unfaithful or that they may be cheating on you go get checked, because if you wait to late the consequences can be fatal.
         Adult help line 972-233-2233

 A Teens Guide To Dealing With Pregnancy and STD's:











Help Lines That You Can Call:

American Pregnancy Helpline: 1-866-942-6466
Option Line 1-800-395-4357
Planned Parenthood 1-800-230-7526
Teen 2 Teen hotline 714-971-4308
Teen Contact 972-233-8336
Pregnancy Help Hotline 1-800-923-6784
Centers for Disease Control 1-800-232-3228
National AIDS Hotline 1-800-342-2437
National HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Hotline 919-361-4848
National STD Hotline: 1-800-227-8922
National Herpes Hotline: 919-361-8488